Sneakers vs traditional golf shoes?

Sneakers vs traditional golf shoes?

I've been asked many times, are the sneakers we sell appropriate for golf? Do they have the same characteristics as golf shoes? In other words, if I wear a pair of your sneakers for my next round of golf am I going to lose traction and slip when I'm swinging?

The answer is no, unless you swing like a gorilla, you won't slip. That hasn't always been the case, and with some brands, even today, you could lose traction, or grip. The type of sole makes all the difference. Our sneakers have EVA soles. What that means in layman's terms is the sole grips the ground for superior traction and no slipping. That makes them perfect for golf. I wear them all the time for golf. 

So, lets compare a few other differences between our sneakers and traditional golf shoes. Lets start with costs since for most of us that's the most likely determining factor when we purchase just about anything. A mid-range price for traditional golf shoes is between $149.95 to $189.95. There are some that are less than that and some way more than that. I know, I used to wear traditional golf shoes and that's what I had to pay for a quality golf shoe. 

Compare that to the cost of sneakers. Our price for sneakers is around $65.00. 

How about durability you may be asking. Good question. Here's the answer. The same quality sole that we use in our sneakers, that EVA thing, also provides exceptional durability. Simply put, they last longer and hold up better than traditional golf shoes. Here's another thing I noticed when I began wearing sneakers for golf. They hold their shape a lot longer and don't get that "wrinkled or cracked" look that most golf shoes have after a few rounds of golf.

Here's a few other advantages: No spikes to replace. Very lightweight. Easy to clean, you can even throw them in with a wash. Crossover. You can wear them for golf and out for the evening. You can't do that with traditional golf shoes.

To summarize, our sneakers are perfect for golf, or jogging, or workouts, or just about any outdoor or indoor activity.  They cost less than traditional golf shoes and they're more versatile. Try a pair today and I'm sure you'll love them. 

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